Saturday, 12 November 2011

Diamond Jubilee Definitive

At long last the official embargo is now off and details of the Diamond Jubilee Machin and other products have been published by Ian Billings on his blog.

I have to say I am impressed and congratulate Royal Mail for their thought and endeavours creating this issue.
Ian informs us (as we suspected) that The definitive will be 'diamond blue' and will show the words 'DIAMOND JUBILEE' continuously in the style of the current security print, what we did not speculate on is that the the security print would only cover the background only. A definite improvement in the design if you ask me!!

Ian also informs us the following will be issued on 6 February 2012:
Counter sheet, Business sheet x 100, 12 x 1st booklet. The booklet will be on sale throughout the year replacing the 1st gold definitive.

In March the following will be issued:
4 x 1st Large letter, 1st Large counter sheet, 1st large x 50 business sheet.
There is no indication of any variation in the inscription to indicate the source of the stamps.

Also on 6 February there is a Jubilee miniature sheet with 6 x 1st class stamps with designs taken from banknotes, coins and similar to the Wilding stamp:

Many Thanks to Ian for the insight and the image, now jump over to his blog and read the whole account for yourselves.

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