Friday, 11 November 2011

PHQ Cards Continued

I recently discussed the topic of PHQ Cards and wrongly informed you that these were relatively cheap to acquire.
Peter Bradly has sent me two images of of early cards with the actual stamps attached and cancelled with first day of issue postmarks. Peter informs me these are quite rare and now command a premium price from dealers.

The fist is the £1.00 issue from 22 August 1995 now selling at £14.00. The second which I found hard to believe until I checked it out myself is that of the Millennium Machin 23 May 2000, now selling at an incredible £27.50.

Sorry if I miss led you. In the previous post I was in fact referring to plain cards. But even the two shown above if you buy them in plain format which are catalogued at £3.00 and £5.00 respectively now sell for a whopping £10.00 each. A massive rise in a short space of time!!

I also had an email from Larry who informs me that Douglas Myall lists these in the Deegam Handbook. Douglas has published list of official cards with the Machin head on pages 35 to 42 of Appendix 13.

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