Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mystery Machin Display

There is a pattern to this Machin display. The first person who can tell me what it is by leaving a comment will win a Machin prize. You must include the name for this type of arrangement. The contest is open until November 10 unless someone supplies the correct answer, in which case I may close it sooner.



Phil said...

It's a Sudoku grid.

Gary said...

Is is more than a sudoku and to me is more like a 10 x 10 version of McLoughlin Bros Giant Puzzle. ie no colour or number should be in a row or column.

Toon said...

It is not a sudoku, no, all colummns and rows add up to 45.

Toon said...

additional info: this type of FUN is simply called "Magical Square".
horizontal and vertical figures add up to 45.

Toon said...

well, if you want to be EXACT, than it is called "MAGIC Square",