Sunday, 15 January 2012

Machin 2012 Quiz

Here are your questions for the Machin Quiz, and a chance for someone to win 2 x Waddington Cylinder blocks.

Please send in your answers by email to Roy within the next 7 days. The quiz will close at 6pm Spanish time on 23rd January. In the event of a tie a winner will be drawn out of a hat.

Remember if you do not enter you have no chance of winning.

David Alderfer, John Ball, Dave Feeney, Alan Pearson,Brian Mason and Derek K will all receive one extra point for sending in questions. Good luck!!

QI sent in by David Alderfer: What were the first Machin stamps printed by Cartor in France?

Q2 sent in by John Ball: What was the Maiden name of Arnold's wife Patricia

Q3 sent in by Dave Feeney: In which year was the first official straight edge Machins Issued.

Q4: sent in by Alan Pearson: Where would you find this Image?
Q5 sent in by Brian Mason: In which booklet was the 20p Regional Machins first issued?

Q6 sent in by Derick K: How many ½d stamps could one have purchased for £1.00

Q7 Swedish Lawnmower (APS) perfs were only used on one particular pre decimal issue, what was it?

Q8: Name The home where Machin spent the last years of his life

Q9; Which Football club did Arnold Machin support as a young man?

Q10: Where was Arnold Machin imprisoned for 12 months in 1940?

Q11: In what year was the first coded continuous "ROYAL MAIL" iridescent security stamp issued.

Q12: Where would you find this image (left)

QI3: In Machin terminology what do the initials DOP stand for

Q14: What do the initials MBPC represent?

Q15: Who designed the logo for the Machin Collectors Club

Q16 John Waddington printed how many Machin Values?

Q17 In which year was the first decimal Machins issued?

Q18: Identify this stamp (left)

Q19: B replaces WHAT LETTER in ROYAL MAIL - from business sheets (large 1st class and large 2nd class Machins)

Q20: Name this distinguished philatelist

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