Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A New Machin Quiz


It has been quite sometime since we had a prize quiz or competition on site so I thought it may be fun to add another one in the near future. I have decided that this will be a quiz with a difference, and have it in mind that YOU as individual readers will set the questions (and supply me with the answers). I will then select what I think are the best of the bunch and list them here on site. Anyone who sends in a question, if it is selected they will get an extra point + the point for knowing the right answer to their own question, that is if they decide enter of course :-)

Hopefully we have enough readers to make this viable, if not we will have to make up a few questions of our own.

Please make them as easy or as hard as you like but just remember that it is only a bit of fun. I have decided on a prize of a couple of Waddington cylinder blocks for the winner, not worth a fortune I know , but nice blocks just the same.

Please email your questions for consideration to myself or Larry (or both) from today, when we have enough questions to set a quiz I will publish them here and give everyone a week or so to email the answers.

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