Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Machin News March 2012

Thanks to my son in law, I have been given access to a computer, although my online time is limited I am most greatful to him. While I have this access I thought I might write a short report.

I have spotted on eBay a new variety of the Diamond Jubilee Machin from counter sheets. This has short bands top, Deegam code (S16). This is another new stamp as counters sheet stamps do not have a code within the overprint.

Ian Billings has reported on his blog a reprint of the 76p counter sheet stamps with a ROYAL- M12L code. You can also see images of the business sheet 2nd class with 2012 code along with others reported earlier.

What is going on, inflation seems to be going through the roof?

In April it is quite possible that the cost of posting a second class letter may cost in the region of 52p - 55p, so what will be the new price to post (and collect) first class and large letters?

The new Jubilee (large 1st class) are to be issued at the same time as any new rate stamps. Although most expect the rise in April no date has yet been given. They (Large 1st class) will be available from business sheets, booklets and counter sheets. If you collect everything Royal Mail throw at you, apply for your re-mortgage now.

Moaning about money seems to be the in thing so I will carry on with my little moan.

I dare to think how much sellers on eBay will charge when the rates do go up. Most claim it costs them (and charge) at the moment £1.50 to send a win containing a single definitive stamp. Talk about rip off Britain, everyones at it.

Charlie from Florida has expressed his concern that he can not leave replies to posts, security boxes were in place where one had to type in two codes to leave a post. To make things easier for people to leave comments these boxes have now been removed. Although we expect some spam posts to get through these can be deleted easily by myself and Larry. No exuses now, so lets have your comments.

Hope to post agin soon......when you can lend us a fiver, for a cup of tea :-)


Deegam said...

There have been many changes following awards of new printing contracts in January, with Walsall gaining the business sheets and gold Horizon labels so the scope for new varieties, especially phosphor shifts, is greater than you might suppose. DLR are busy printing the tariff change stamps although the values have not yet been announced.

Deegam said...

The apperaance of the 76p with M12L date proba\bly means that the £1.10 and £1.65 also have it, since all three are printed from a common set of cylinders (as seen from the grids on cylinder blocks.)

Machin Man said...

The list gets longer.

Thanks Douglas for your insight.

Anonymous said...

The list seems endless.
I suspect strongly that were I just starting out with the Machin series it would be a daunting challenge and wonder what that, if others feel that way also, forbodes for collecting the issues ?
Just in casual chatting over time with friends I have noticed that long complicated series such as Norwegian Posthorns, the Chinese Martyrs, Japan's very attractive prefecture sets and a few others, where the varieties exceed two or three hundred stamps are a turn off to the new collector.
I have a friend who has a nice couple of pages of the Stirlings, mint, of course, but other than the initial decimal set he has stopped seeking Machin stamps. Too complicated he says.
(Well at least he didn't say "boring" as someone once told me the Norse stamps were.)
So I wonder what the future holds for the "Machinmaniacs" and their collections ?
Lecanto, Florida

Ozzieal said...

EBay. It is postage and packaging and time people charge for, bot just postage costs. And it's clearly there, if you don't like that cost don't bid on it.

It's not 'rip-off' Britain it is fair cost for the labour involved.

Deegam said...

I have received official confirmation that the £1.10 and £1.65 counter sheets were indeed printed with Ma2L at the same time as the 76p. The £1.10 were sent to many post offices in January and the £1.65 has been supplied to Tallents House.