Saturday, 10 March 2012

More Jubilee Machins In The Pipe Line?

I have just received a email from JB who informs me that there are still more Jubilee new issues in the pipe line.

"Roy, take this with a pinch of salt at the moment as I have not been able to confirm the story.

Just the same I comes from a reliable source so I thought that you might be interested. I have heard that Royal Mail plan to release two more booklets later in the year that you have not yet mentioned on your blog.

The first is due on the 27th September.

A Retail stamp booklet and is described as, to be printed by Walsall. It is thought that the contents will be 4 x 1st-class (Diamond Jubilee?) Machin definitives + 2 x 1st-class Classic Locomotives of Scotland. Not a new Jubilee stamp but definately a new source for the C code and a new booklet.

The second, to be issued rather late in the year for the Jubilee, on 1st October, it is said to be a Diamond Jubilee Retail stamp book (also to be printed by Walsall). Contents are thought to be 6 x 1st-class Diamond Jubilee definitives. Source code S perhaps?"

As JB says "take this with a pinch of salt" . At least untill we can get confirmation. If you have any further info on this report please let us know.


machinmaniac said...

Both of these booklets are referred to on the MBPC web site. If you can get into the member's section, follow the link to "Retail book program - 2012". The link is in the right hand column of the members menu page.

I'm pretty sure that the "locomotives of Scotland" book was mentioned in the publicity material for the recent miniature sheet that was sent out by the bureau to customers. I regret I'm unable to confirm this as I didn't keep my copy.

Anonymous said...

They are also listed in the non members section of the MBPC site

Robert said...

Yes, please do visit the Non-Members section of the MBPC website. It has just been completely revised and now includes sample pages of nearly all those available to members. And the subscription price is still just as low....

Cuba Journal said...

It looks to me like Royal Mail is trying to milk the cow as many times as they possibly can.

Enough Silver Jubilee stamps have been issued already. No end to capitalist greed?

Deegam said...

It's not a question of capitalist greed. The Jubilee stamps are definitives because they replace the normal stamps. Therefore, they are required in all the formats that definitives are issued. I am only surprised that there are to be no coiis!

Brian Morris said...

I agree with Deegam about our Diamond Jubilee definitives when he says it is not capitalist greed, but I am not surprised there are no coil issues. I only know of one or two Post Offices that have a coil machine left. When the Post & Go machines started to be installed the coil machines where taken away.
Very sad.