Friday, 27 April 2012

Birmingham Postcards

By request of B Mason I have added to this piece with another post card (above). The view is along Solihull High Street towards St Alphege Chuch. Below is the same Street as it is today.

I hope regular readers do not mind this diversion from Machins. If you do please say so! We will be getting back to Machins with the next post.
Way back in December I promised Douglas to have a look to see if I could  find some images of Solihull. Whilst I was sorting out some boxes of album pages / used stamps I came across this old post card.

This a view that was very well known back in the old days. The pub on the left was named "The Barley Mow" and it was situated at the junction of Stratford Road and Lode Lane Solihull.

You will notice the lack of motorised transport, it must have been an idyllic spot before urbanisation and the invention of the petrol engine.

This Road is one that I have not travelled along for a long time, so I have no idea if the public house is still there, or as pubs tend to change over time if  even has the same name.

I do hope so, for as a young man I have many fond memories of delivering milk for the Co-op in the area, I also remember sinking a few jars in the bar whilst my girl friend and I (at the time) travelled on my BSA motor cycle en rout to Henley in Arden. I feel a song coming on now! "Oh those were the days"


Douglas said...

Thanks, Roy! The pub was still going strong when we left Solihull 40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I as an old postcard collector (and a Brummie)I find these interesting,very good.

I do hope we can see some more in the future.


Machin Man said...


Thanks for your comment. This is primary a Machin blog, but I do now and again defer from the subject.

I have many more postcards of old Birmingham and the surrounding areas, providing no else objects I would love to show them from time to time.

Trelantis said...

Bet you can't find one with a Machin on it!

Rob said...

Looks like the pub is still there, but now an O'Neill's.

I think this view on Google Street View is from the same spot as the postcard:,+Solihull&hl=en&ll=52.414867,-1.778573&spn=0.002676,0.009474&sll=52.415446,-1.781931&sspn=0.001338,0.004737&oq=barley+mow+lode+lane&hq=Barley+Mow&hnear=Lode+Ln,+Solihull,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=17&layer=c&cbll=52.414772,-1.778636&panoid=fG0ycjxUhPdAh6D_S63Tsw&cbp=12,354.09,,0,5.61 or if that long link doesn't work here's a shorter one:

Anonymous said...

Nostalgia is almost always interestig even to those who have no personal connection to those times and places.

Charlie Jensen,
Lecanto, Fla.

Brummie Bill said...

Hi Guys,

I'm also a Brummie! You may be interested in the Birmingham History Forum:
Love to see old photo's of my home town.