Sunday, 15 April 2012

Deegam Report 97

I have just found time to finally download the latest Deegam Report (97). Once again I can not praise Douglas enough, he has definitively covered all and everything since the the last one.
Something we seem to ignore on this blog which is the direction of print, so (thanks to DM) in case you are interested I can pass on the print directions for Jubilee Machins issued to date.

Miniature sheet (W) sideways left

Counter sheet of 50 (DLR) upright

Business sheet 100 (DLR) upright

Book of 12 (W) inverted

Business sheet 100 (W) inverted

Business sheet 50 Large (W) inverted

Book of 4 Large (W) inverted.

Someone recently on the Machin Forum mentioned that the Jubilee machins had different value settings to the Gold 1st class. In fact there are two different types, in his latest report Douglas explains these in great detail.

A must see in his latest report is the diagram of the massive sideways phosphor shift to the Machin pane in Aerial Post Prestige Book reported (by Alex) back in February. There is only one word to describe this : "SPECTACULAR"

Deegam Reports delve into the heart of specialised collecting, deeper than you will read on any Blog. They are no longer sent out by Philatelic Associations, but backdated issues are still free direct from DEEGAM. First (if you wish) you must subscribe, to the award winning handbook which is produced on CD.

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