Saturday, 12 May 2012

68p Values ( A Reminder )


I was doing some work on some stamps yesterday and got myself into a right muddle, basically I had some 68p singles in a packet and had no idea what they were or where they had come from.

So I sat down with a bunch of catalogues and Deegam reports to put my mind at rest and hopefully put some sort of order into them.

 Here are my notes, reproduced as a reminder to myself.

The Machin pane from Roald Dahl prestige pane 10th January 2012 containing the 4x68p sea green,values with the hidden codes was printed by Walsall (APS perforated ) in gravure. The other special issue panes (litho) from the same booklet were printed by Cartor.

Although these stamps were issued in 2012 they were actually printed in 2011, subsequently the 68p stamps have the hidden date codes M-11-L and M-P-IL, the P indicating it is from the Prestige booklet. (Deegam 680.6.1)

The other 68p sea green counter sheet self adhesives printed by De La Rue carry both the M11L code (Deegam 680.5.1) and the M12L code (Deegam 680.5.3)

Previously the 68p was issued in sheets with the colour stone. OFNP/PVA (De La Rue) Deegam 680.1.1

Self adhesive, OFNP/PSA, (Walsall/gravure) - (Deegam 680.2.1

TR3 intermediate paper/OFNP/PVA (De La Rue/gravure) (Deegam 680.3.1)

OFNP/PVA (White gum), is the inverted print from the Tafalgar prestige pane (DP360) (Walsall/gravure) (Deegam 680.4.1)

Have I missed something? Would be grateful for a nudge in the right direction if I have!


Thanks to Robert - Charlie Jenson points out on The Machin Forum   -There is a typo in the Report DGR-96. The 68p Dahl stamp should be DG 680.6.1, not "680. 4.2". The color, "Sea Green" and other details are correct. Assuming Charlie is correct I have now altered this to reflect his observations.

Brian via e-mail:  What has happened to DG 680.5.2 ? It appears to be missing. you are right Brian it is missing, does anyone know what the missing stamp is?

Thanks to Ian :This refers to the next post "Wedgwood Machins" I made a  series of spelling mistakes with the name Wedgwood, calling it Wedgewood., this has now been corrected..

To finish for today, I made an announcement way back in 2011 that it was reported De La Rue are to close their printing facility at Dunstable. The latest news is, the relocation to Gateshead in the North East is scheduled to take place late this year or early in 2013.


Brian Morris said...

You have asked 'Have I missed something'?
With regards to your 68p it has the code letter 'P' top right which stands for Prestige book. This code letter system make the identification of singles so much easier.

Robert said...

There's a problem with the numbering of the Deegam 680.4.x series Machins. A poster on the Machin Forum says 680.4.2 should be 680.6.1. Look in the thread titled "Deegam Report #95". I haven't studied the problem well enough to provide any details. Good luck.