Saturday, 5 May 2012

Booklet Perforations

Recently I sold a small selection of booklets to a collector in Germany, who returned them to me informing the me the perforations were trimmed to a certain extent.

Under my sales policy I do state that I will give refunds if the buyer is not happy with the purchase. Although I described these to him as average perforations (which most booklet panes are).

For the record, this is how I classify booklets and panes.

Good, showing at least ½ or more of the perforation hole on all sides, these command a higher price

Average, these show some trimming on one or more sides, leaving less than half of the hole. Usually two thirds of catalogue or less.

Poor, (above left) showing just traces of the perforation on one or more sides or show a un perforated (unintended ) * edge. I normally sell these as postage or just above face value, ¼ -½ catalouge value as space fillers for the rarer booklets.

* Note, some booklets with perforated edges were manufactured intentionally, these are considered acceptable.

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