Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stamp-ede - As The UK Goes Machin Mad

Machin Mania hits the UK!

A new breed of Machin collectors have swarmed on post offices across the country (young and old). These new stamp enthusiasts have been described as "Machin Fanatics". I can understand why, they  have emptied hundreds of stores of counter sheets. Stock books are empty and they have gone crazy for business sheets and stamp booklets.

Post offices have reported a stamp-ede as these new collectors stocked up ahead of the price hike. As  prices rose (April 30th) thousands of customers across the UK beat the deadline and bought in stocks for future use.

Mr. David Evison, sub-postmaster at Lighters newsagent in Highwoods Square, Colchester, remarked  "one man bought 1,500 second class stamps, costing £540."

Mr Evison said: “We ran out of second class stamp books so, we had to restrict customers to buying ten second class stamps at a time. We have had some people buying 200 to 300 at a time. We have received no guidelines saying not to sell an unlimited number of stamps to people.”

These two ladies purchased £400 worth, I notice they are all Pre Diamond Jubilee stamps

Although people are also buying 1st class stamps these have been more far more modest. The post office at Great Totham Village Stores ran out of books of second class stamps within four days of them being delivered.

This has been bought to you with thanks to the Daily Gazette


Anonymous said...

The postal service capped supplies before the price rise to 20% of each retailer's annual allocation in a bid to "protect revenue" and prevent shops stockpiling and cashing in on the higher prices.

Royal Mail

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