Monday, 17 September 2012

76p New Cylinder

On 10/01/11/, originally of values issued the 76p, £1.10 and £1.65 (D1/ D1/D1 ) were laid down on the same primary sheet, which meant these values shared the grid positions on the same primary sheet. The 76p occupied the left grid positions, the £1.10 occupied the central grid positions and the £1.65 occupied the right grid positions.

A 2012 reprint of these values was reported earlier this year so in fact if they (all values) were laid down in the same format, All the 2012 values should exist, no one has actually seen the £1.10 or £1.65 values to date, so where are these elusive values? Does anyone actually own a 2012 D1 D1 cylinder block  showing the grid positions?

Recently a new 76p cylinder block of 6 with irodine ink overprint M12L and cylinder number D1 D2 PHOS has been seen from a very late printing, the 76p has the Pink cylinder with D2 and the irodine ink cylinder with D1. It seems that the marginal markings on the sheet layout have also changed, with the colour 'pink' now printed in the cylinder block in the row above the cylinder number!

The grid box is also different when compared to the cylinder D1D1/D1 printing, as the grid box shows all 12 grid positions are available for this same 76p value.

Another question for you. All 76p stamps were withdrawn from general sale in post offices at the end of April 2012 so why have these been reprinted from another new cylinder at this time?


Brian Morris said...

The printing date for this new 76p cylinder D2 was the 30/03/12. The 87p which replaced the 76p rate was also printed on the same day. I do wonder what the reason was to not only reprint a value that was not postally required but also to have to make a complete new and expensive cylinder.

GBStamps said...

The relocation of the color name began with the April, 2012 Machins, as shown on Ian's post of April 4.

This is apparently the new standard position for it. I confess that until recently I did not think about the fact that one nice block of six now contains the color name, cylinder numbers, and grid positions, since I don't collect blocks of self-adhesive issues.