Thursday, 13 September 2012

Good Wishes Accepted With Thanks

In the July 2012 issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly, Harry Lane writes about “Collecting Fine Used Definitives.” He likes used stamps because they have served the purpose they were intended for, and he notes the challenges of getting complete sets in fine condition.

After discussing various worldwide issues that he has collected, he comes to Machins. He writes, “I think it is appropriate to include a few notes on the Machin issues as these have now become a way of life for some collectors.” (No kidding!)

He discusses the many types of variations in the Machins since their introduction, and he concludes, “At a local club venue one exhibitor displayed at least 200 sheets of just Machins and commented that he has only scratched the surface. So if you are a Machin maniac, good luck.”

As one of the many full-fledged Machin maniacs around the world, I say to Harry Layne, “Many thanks for your good wishes.”


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