Monday, 29 October 2012

2nd Class Security Machin MA10 Source Code R

It is always nice to see other people sharing their information with other collectors.

Some people only collect used stamps, today I found a list which was bang up to date listing 2nd Class Security Machin (MA10 Source Code R) which have been seen (sold) on a well known auction site.

Not only does the author (Paul) list the condition but also the date of the transaction  and the final hammer price. Invaluable information.

Thanks Paul I will be adding your blog to my list of sites in the links section of these pages. 

Ian contacted me recently, he drew my attention to some of the replies to one of his posts. More about this shortly.

A second post also by Ian , he shows the latest 6 x 1st class retail booklet. Official release date 1st October 2012Ian  shows up to date pictures of the booklet and stamps

Back to the replies to this post mentioned above, this concerns stamp roll machines that are still operational in certain parts of the UK. A cheap and cheerful way of adding to your collection if you are in one of the areas where these are still being dispensed.

Thanks to Ian

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