Friday, 2 November 2012

2007 Love Booklet

Way back in 2007 I blogged about a new  Valentines Love Booklet"

A booklet of six stamps, five definitives and a Love Stamp, as the 2005 Smilers pictorial definitive but with a slight difference.

The smilers stamp had no ellipses and vignetted phosphor bands where as the booklet stamps have ellipsed perforations and solid phosphor bands, thus conforming to the other five 1st class defintives in the booklet.

I informed readers that this will be catalogued as a different stamp and a space will be needed in all stamp albums. If you want your copy of the Love Booklet get it now whilst stocks are still available. I am sure this will be a short order for Royal Mail and the price will increase in dealers lists over the coming months. 

I expect this ( provided RM do not repeat the exercise next year) to be on a par with the self adhesive submarines booklet which now changes hands at £30 - £40 plus.

I can now inform you that this booklet (TODAY) is actually catalogued at 30.00 GB Pounds. I wander how many people took the advice at the time?

I am glad now that I squirrelled a couple of dozen of these away. 


Anonymous said...

These Booklets are on ebay for &8

Brian Morris said...

If these are so good I'm surprised that the seller on eBay who has 10 copies for sale at £7.29 (with free postage) has not sold them all.