Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Upcoming New Machins

I received a note from Douglas Myall with the following information:

The 50p to be issued next January is slate grey and has the usual 2 bars. The £1 is wood brown, and the two inland NVIs are Royal Mail red (similar to what used to be called Post Office red or pillar box red). These, and the five make up values with iridescent overprint, were printed last September and have M12L year codes except the 1st large which is MA12.
(17-Oct  I fixed the color of the £1)


machinmaniac said...

Odd that the 50p is changing from grey to grey and from 2 bars to 2 bars! Even odder, given that it is the price of a second class stamp and that there seems to be a case for a central band version.

Brian Morris said...

I see that the stamp shown has the code MA12 on it but it is not a large 1st class. Is this illustration just a mock up of the new colour?