Monday, 15 October 2012

Machin News October 2012

Did anyone watch the BBC program yesterday? Myself I missed it as I was otherwise engaged in my local pub. I was what we will call three sheets to the wind and forgot all about it, perhaps I can view it later this week on catch up TV.

I have seen a pic on eBay and noticed reports on the Machin Forum that the anniversary booklets with code S (booklets of six) are now circulating. Apparently at this time they are in short supply. This could possibly be the last new Machin to be issued in 2012.

If the last statement worries you please do not fret as we can still look forward to 2013 when a new glut of Machins will be issued. The first of these are earmarked for 3rd January.

Definitive 1st class & 1st class Large with the new colour Red will show their faces for the fist time, these will be available from, booklets, and business sheets. As well as these several sheet stamps will be reprinted, values 1p, 2p,5p,10p and 20p values with security overprint. Also a possibility of the 50p with a centre bar with the new colour rust.

On the 9th of January the first mixed retail booklet of the year will be issued 2 x underground special issues + four x  Red Machins (code C).

April seems a long way off, but when it arrives expect a price rise. More new values to look forward to no doubt.

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