Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rest Your Head On A Machin Head

Over the past few years we have seen all kinds of paraphernalia dedicated to the Machin definitive stamp, including Machin carpets, Machin notebooks, and last but not least Machin mugs specifically targeting Machin mugs with a affliction for these definitive stamps or what we call on this site a definitive Machin Mania
This (above) is my latest find, it is something or somewhere to rest your weary Machin head after a hard days drinking out of your Machin mug, writing in your Machin note book or even in a case of actual Machin collecting whilst sitting on your Machin chair at your Machin type 11 table eating biscuits from your Machin buscuit tin.

If it has been a extra tiring day perhaps you can place it on your Machin bed, Machin settee or even on your Machin carpet.

Although I quite like this velvity item which is over priced at £65, I am not adding it to my collection of oddities, I am now on the look out for a Machin Toilet to flush some of the other crap that are  actually described as stamps, is put up for sale on eBay and many more of the other internet auction sites. Over to you Michael :-)

Now here is your chance to become a inventor. What else can or could you invent that we can reportedly describe as a Machin related collectors item?

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