Thursday, 9 January 2014

£1.54 Booklet Error

A few weeks ago when I was selling some duplicate material. I came across what appeared to be something just not right. The £1.54 booklet in my possession seemed to have transposed phosphor bands, IE the 17p stamps had a single bar (either on the left or right) and the 13p stamps had two bars instead of the norm which was one side bar.

Although I knew about this error booklet from days gone by I  did not realize when I listed it that it was the actual error booklet, someone spotted it and got them self a real bargain.

 Instead of selling at the catalogue price which is in the region of £40.00, I let this slip out of my hands for a measly £.4.50 + postage.

Below is a picture of a similar £1.54 booklet which I found on the web. FQ1 (design number 11) old and new postage dues.

There are several other booklets on the market with transposed bars so the moral of this story is, always use the correct catalogue when pricing and describing material. I was using a outdated version of SG Consise which does not list this error. Secondly always double check your duplicates thoroughly before you unwittingly pass them on.

In answer to the question that I know will crop up. YES, I have learnt my lesson It was an expensive one.

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