Friday, 17 January 2014

Machin News January 2014

You may remember in the last newsletter we discussed that a Prestige stamp book Classic locomotives of the UK and a customised stamp book of  containing 4 x 1st class Machins and 2 x special issues of John Charles (Wales) and Dave Mckay (Scotland) which will be released on 20th February.

It is now known that the second Prestige stamp book of the year and a further Retail book of 6 x 1st class will be issued on 21st 15th April. This will coincide with the Buckingham Palace special issue to be issued on the same day.

 I do not have any details at this time as to if the prestige booklet will contain Machin definitives, I certainly hope so. This is a chance for Royal Mail to push the boat out and give us Machin collectors something extra special instead of the boring 2p ,5p and 10p values on a mixed pane. I guess as usual we will have the three pages special issues so it is again a case of wait and see what is in store for us .

On a final note: I still have two lots of the D under print 16p stamps to give away, so if you need these for your collection get in touch.

Judging by the feedback I received, most people already have these stamps in mint collections. I was also reminded that there were several other Machins with under prints.

There was also a lot of interest in to the source of these stamps and I was asked by Harry & J.B  if I had the time to verify what stamps are available to collectors and what the original sources are. In the back of mind I remembered that several years ago Larry wrote about these, I had to trawl back seven years through to 2007 (my doesn't time fly) to find the article. Click here to read it


Ian - Norvic said...

Not 21st April for Buck House as that is Easter Monday. Issue date brought forward to 15 April.

Machin Man said...

Thanks Ian