Thursday, 23 January 2014

Spot The Difference Competition

A small competition for you, the winner will receive both of these se-tenant pairs as a prize, postage free from Spain

Oop,s I made a boo boo, on reflection the images posted were actually the same stamps. A prize for the one person who emailed me with the answer that they were the same, you will be awarded two pairs. You know who you are and I will be in touch.

I am so sorry for straining your eyes, I  have now uploaded the correct image so the competition is is back on. A second prize for the answer is now on offer!! 

We now have a few Machin experts and what I will call semi experts who read these posts on a regular basis. So can you put your expertise , knowledge and hawk like eyesight to the test?

Without stating the obvious (which is the difference in the perforation condition) can you spot the other difference and identify the stamps in these two images. Tip, the clue is in the question.



Email me with your answers, I will inform you of the winner and give the answers in a few days time.

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