Saturday, 7 June 2014

Right on time!

The British Philatelic Bulletin has had a rough life over the last few years. This Royal Mail publication began in 1963 when the Post Office wanted to inform collectors of new issues and other relevant information. Over time, it grew into an informative and well-respected publication with a variety of articles.

Royal Mail's constant financial problems in recent years put the Bulletin's future in doubt. It was threatened with cancellation several times, but it managed to survive. Presumably in an effort to cut costs, Royal Mail outsourced it a few years ago. This didn't work out well, so Royal Mail brought it back in house with a new staff, perhaps assembled on short notice.

After a rocky re-start, the Bulletin had an on-going problem: being late. I used to receive mine towards the end of the publication month. Not a good situation for a bulletin. In fact, last year the month of issue was removed from the front cover.

I'm pleased to report that the delivery date has been improving in recent months, and the June issue reached me in the US on June 5. It must have been mailed right about the first of the month, on time! And the issue date is back on the cover, having reappeared last September.

In my opinion, the content has been improving over time as well. I've always considered it an important source of information for collectors of British stamps. I'm glad to see it back in good form.

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