Thursday, 5 June 2014

Prestige Booklet August 2014

Above pane 3

As mentioned in my last post there will be a Prestige Booklet issued on 28 August 2014 to commemorate the great war 1914 - 1918. We were not sure at the time of writing if there were to any Machin panes with the issue. Thanks to one of our readers who left a comment  I can now confirm that there will actually be 2 x  Machin panes.

I have also managed to track down a mock of the two panes. I hope you find the contents interesting I certainly did.

Below pane 4


Anonymous said...

The mock up of pane 3 is interesting. It looks far from final.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 8George V "stamps" can't be postage stamps under current rules because there's no cameo of the monarch. And it doesn't make sense to put that many labels on on pane with only one stamp. Any additional information on this?
-- Dennis

Ian - Norvic said...

That's what they published in the Philatelic Bulletin - not sure whether the 'labels' are perforated or whether the £1 only is perforated.

Fact remains, that's all there is on that pane.

Douglas said...

The Bulletin image of pane 3 is clearly a mockup as it shows the £1 stamp imperforate. The KG5 items are mere labels and will be treated as such for the purpose of listing Deegam se-tenant pairs, of which there will be two vertical and two horizontal. Pane 4 is straightforward with four Machin definitives, four country pictorial definitives and a central label.