Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Machinmania.com domain available

When I was establishing my now-neglected web site, I also reserved the machinmania.com domain, with the thought that someday I would create a Machin-related web site. Someday never came, and now I am convinced it never will. Therefore, I am offering the domain to, hopefully, someone who can put it to good use.

The domain is paid up until August 7, 2018, so the buyer will have over three years of use before renewal is necessary. I will work with the buyer to transfer the domain from its current registrar to the buyer's choice.

I don't want to just offer it to the first person who responds, so instead I will set up a bidding system. The starting bid is US$25, which basically covers the remaining registration fees. I will accept payment via Paypal in US dollars.

Please send your bid to me via email to lr@gbstamps.com. Do not put your bid in the comments. I will add a comment with the amount of each bid.

Bidding will close on Wednesday, December 17th at 12 noon Pacific Standard Time.

NOTE: I talked to Roy, and he is not interested.


UPDATE: Sadly, the thundering hordes of bidders that I hoped for did not materialize. Not even one straggling bidder. If anyone is interested in the domain in the future, contact me. 

UPDATE: The domain has been sold. 

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