Saturday, 12 December 2015

Imaging Software Question

I have just posted this on the Machin Forum, so I guess to get a bit more exposure I should post it here also.

Hi All 

Just in case I do not post again before the festive season first let me wish that you all have a Merry Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year. 

 My question is, does anyone know which software I can obtain (preferably free) to create images similar to the ones on Deegam reports showing the stamp layout and phosphor bands on booklet panes? I wish to create images of my phosphor band errors, IE: inset, short, wide etc.

I did post an image but had to delete it when I discovered it was protected by copyright. Here is a link to the pic on Larrys website 

 I have heard that coral draw is the perfect tool, if this is so which version is needed and how easy (or hard) is it to master?  Does anyone personally use this tool? If the answer is yes can we converse?



Mack Strathdee said...

microsoft paint, or openoffice diagram ... later has more options

GBStamps said...

If you already have Microsoft Office, you could use PowerPoint. It's easy to create various objects and align them as needed. It might not have all the features of a drawing program, but if you already have it, you can try it.


Machin Man said...

Many thanks to the people who responded to my questions. I can now inform you that I have (with the help of lawrence Haber) found a solution that fits my needs.

lawrence kindley took me back to school and guided me through the dos and donts to create the perfect design. Many, many thanks Larry.

I am now in the process of getting to grips with my new system and the designs are looking good.

Paul Dexter said...

Hi Roy
Good to hear you have found a solution, personally I use Corel Draw for my collection write up.
The MBPC also use Corel Draw for their presentations, in particular, they display their outline of the machin head in their journal from clicking on an option from a simple scan.
I am self taught on "CD" but have found it invaluable I particularly use the transparency tool for effect and I use this tool a lot in my collection and the Certificates I produce for competitions and visitors for my local Philatelic Society.
A word of warning is that it is not supported by the MAC OS system.
Fortunately, after moving over to a MAC on the recommendation from my Son whom used to work for them, he was able to segregate my MAC to run MAC OS and Windows and I can simply switch between both, something to do with now using the same chipset?...
Anyway, if you run Windows it is very good if you want an alternative and you don't need the latest version which is horrendously expensive.
Paul Dexter

GBStamps said...

Yes, when Apple switched over to Intel chips, it became possible for them to support Windows on the Mac platform.