Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Imaging Part 2

As you all have been so very helpful I will show you what I am trying to create.

Basically these profiles are for my own benefit to help me describe in pictures the phosphor error booklets in my collection.This is one of the first I have created, although not perfect it will do the job for which I intended it to do. I think rather than a photograph a printed version on card will be much better.

The stamp booklet is a £2.00 cylinder Q1 Q1 vending booklet printed by Questa 27. 04. 00 in gravure. I also have a plain booklet with the same error.

The pane has broad bands left on the 1st class stamps. You will also notice that the broad bands are well inset from the perforations and short at the top. The 2nd class stamps are offset right they are also short at the top.

Stamps 3 and 4 - 1st class with the broad band also show a partial (extra) centre phosphor band offset right.

I have no idea what sort of catalogue value these have, my estimation of £150.00 + for the cylinder booklet and £120.00 for the plain booklet is probably wide of the mark (no pun intended).

Comments, providing the are good are welcome :-)

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Ian - Norvic said...

If your computer of choice is a Mac, then you can do this in the basic Preview programme, as seen here,_phosphor_errors/p1484705_12531283.aspx

I like the yellow, though blue or green will do, and I think the white border better than the black.

I don't know what software exists in other Windows-based PCs.