Saturday, 21 May 2016

GB Stamp Bloggers

Of several emails that I receive collectors often ask me how do you get your information? How correct is it? And even better still. Can you give me more information on this?

To be honest - most of the information is already on the web you just have to look for it.

Now for the second question.

My information is not always correct, the same as sports writers who inform readers about current rumors of football transfers, sometimes we write about a topic where there is a lot of speculation. If I think it is true or plausible I will mention it.

Question three answers itself.

I spend a lot of time these days reading other peoples blogs that are mainly stamp related and GB stamp related in particular. I often mention Ian Billings and his blog Norvic. Ian is normally first with news on the GB stamp scene. He also reads other blogs and searches the web, like myself he often comes across news or snippets that make good reading and passes the news on to his followers.

I always take it Ian knows what he is talking about when it comes to Machins. The latest news from him is certainly worth repeating and concerns what could be the latest Machin developments and information about security backing paper.

He informs us that the paper used in the printing of booklets and sheets may be used so the print could be in any direction. Security print could also be used on alternate lines, or possibly pairs of lines where the text may be inverted. What does this mean for the average collector?  This will make several new variants for the collectors to look out for. Who was it that said collecting Machins was boring?

You can read Ians post by clicking here, he explains it in detail.

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