Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Prestige Stamp Book The Great War

On the 21st June 2016 royal Mail will issue the next prestige stamp book, entitled The Great War. The bad or good news (whichever way you look at it) for Machin collectors is, it will not contain a mixed Machin pane.

The mixed usual definitive pane will be made up of 4 x 1st class stamps from the four regions of the UK. England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland or if you prefer UK country stamps definitives ( or regionals).

Four 1st class poppy stamps and a central label will make up the rest of the pane.

Douglas Mayall reminds me these are not definitives.

Thanks Douglas for your e-mail.

"There are three flag stamps for three countries, only the Fields stamp for Northern Ireland is a definitive" 


Alan NY said...

In going to stop collecting these, the only reason is to add to the Machin collection so if no Machins!

Ian - Norvic said...

As far as I am concerned these are pseudo-definitives. They are not commemoratives, they are not ordinary 'special stamps' and they are definitive-size. Gibbons lists them with the other country definitives (although it also lists country miniature sheets in the same section).

Doug may not want to include them in his catalogue, but they are just as interesting as the other definitives and do include some variants that are worth looking for.