Thursday, 2 June 2016

More Machins In The Pipeline

Larry mentioned that there were no Machins to be had in New York, I mentioned on the 4th May that there were no Machins in the forth coming Great War Prestige Booklet to be issued on 21st June. So when will we see the next new issue of Machin stamps to add to never ending growing collections?

Just to wet your appetites, there are some on the horizon and you will not have long to wait. In fact only until 28th July. This is the date for the release of yet another Prestige Booklet.

I am not sure of the title but the issue is something to do with the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter. I do know that the booklet will cost £15.37 and will be printed by Cartor in litho.

I have been reliably informed that there will be a mixed Machin pane that will contain 3 x £1.05 values, 3 x 10p 2 x 10p values, 3 x 5p values and a central label. (thanks Robert) The pane will have PVAl gum.

If you are interested there will also be another of those over priced prestige limited editions of 1866 special booklets with a price tag of (wait for it) £59.99.

Perhaps I am a bit cynical, I welcome new stamps of the Machin variety but I feel that even a normal booklet at £15.37 is rather expensive,

Why £1.05 values? Why not 1p or even 20ps? This would reduce the cost quite a bit. And just to finish on this subject, do not get me started on the extra premium they (Royal mail) charge collectors on top of the face value. Is Dick Turpin the CEO? Talk about daylight robbery.

Another Rant, Pink Floyd!

The Dark Side Of The Moon Album special collectors sheet is twice the price of the face value of the stamps.

When we inquired why no Dark Side Of The Moon stamp was added to the original Classic Album stamps we were informed that if the colour black was used it would not show a cancellation mark or the phosphor tags may not be correctly read by ALF .

Now a couple of years down the line they are suddenly fine and will cost twice as much,

The answer to this question is they are not intended for collectors of special issue stamps. I know for a fact (and so do Royal Mail) they will never be used for postage, so I guess my rant is not really a rant, just another moan about Dick Turpin :-)

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Robert said...

I think you'll find that should be 2 x 10p in the prestige pane (or there wouldn't be room for the label!)