Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Unusual Machin Pane

I spotted a private booklet on eBay that appeared to be a pane of 2 x 2p,  2 x 3p and 2  x  1p Machins.

This curiosity was a puzzle to me and I very nearly placed a bid as it intrigued me somewhat. Most unusual I thought to myself what on earth is it?

Starting at £3.00 + a small fee for postage and packing it looked like a bargain. I was just about to hit the button with my offer and suddenly froze.

Then I remembered that I had seen one before, but where?

I then dug out and scanned around in an old stock book of mine that contained curiosities and private banes / booklets etc. It had not seen the light of day for quite a while.

Browsing through it I came across something very similar. What I found was a pair of booklets of the same design but with the selvedge on the left rather than the one offered which had the selvedge on the right.

Here is in image of the private booklets I dug out. They were produced for the Tenth North East Philatelic Weekend 1986 at the Airport Hotel Newcastle. These also contain what appears to be mixed Machin panes.

It is in fact an optical illusion . Looking closer you can see the booklet actually contains three separate blocks of Machins.stamps. Six x 2p , four x 3p and two x 1p.

 On the left there are 16.5p and 17p  Framas,

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that most of us have been caught out like that at least once. They say the camera never lies, but when it comes to internet auctions, what you think you see, may not be what you get!