Sunday, 14 August 2016

Edward V111 will be remembered on Machin Post & Go Labels

Machin Maniacs can have a short rest for the time being as no new Machin definitives are due in the very near future. this des not stop Royal Mail from cashing in on collectors cash though. They have a plan laid out for topping up the coffers!!

It is well known that I am not a fan of expensive over produced Post & Go labels ( I do not class them as stamps), however there are many collectors that do.

For those of you with pots of spare cash to spare some news has arrived about lots of further issues due in September 2016.

On 14th September a new set of six designs showing Ladybirds will be included on a full set.

Also in September 14th The Postal Museum will offer new Machin labels with an overprint of King Edward V111 1936. This will also have a Royal Cipher logo. I am informed this is to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the K.E V111 one penny issue. This will only run for 28 days.

If you still have spare cash Autumn Stampex which runs from 14th - 17th September will give another set of new Post & Go labels with an overprint. This time it will be a poppy design with text commemmorating the Battle of The Somme.

This is why I think P & G labels are expensive to collect. We are not finished yet, Just before the usual Christmas deluge another set is planned on 14th November. Hibernating Annimals will be the subject.

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