Friday, 21 May 2021

Coil Strips On Cover


As we all know the Machin field is a vast specialised subject. Over the years my tastes and collecting habits have changed many times. When I was a much younger man I collected most Machin material, but as more and more stamps were issued, money was tight so I had to curb my spending and started to specialise in the more interesting cheaper material.

Obtaining multi -value coils on cover was pretty easy and a cheap method of adding used coil stamps to my collection.  Sometimes If I had a duplicate would float them off the cover and display a mint strip, used strip and cover envolope on a page. Of course with my collecting habits changing over the years. I now no longer accumulate used stamps. All my covers were sold or swapped for something else. Hindsight is a funny thing, but I wished I had kept them now.  

These covers are still obtainable for a very modest price (between £1 -£2). Here are just a few I picked out from the many that are on the market  today.


Enjoy your stamps and have a nice day. 

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