Monday, 1 November 2021

Enschede 2 mm Varnish Under The Phosphor


Due to several complexities collecting and identifying the Enschede issues with varnish under the phosphor strips poses a problem for many people. Dated marginal stamps can help solve this problem as the stamps are catalogued and described in specialist lists.

This week a selection of Enschede dated pairs is now trending on that auction site we all love to hate.

AY, A2Y, A3Y and A2B phosphors are listed. I see a couple with 4 mm varnish but most of them are 2 mm. Blue, cream and white gums are also listed. All of individual pairs in the lots have been identified in the description of the listings which helps to make the Machin collectors life just that little bit easier.

This pic is just one of several lots that are available.


pedro B said...

As usual it that guy who always put do not post to Australia very Frustrating

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately eBay now charge an extra premium to the 12% final value fee when they list from the UK to a worldwide audience. They also charge the seller extra on fees for postage + VAT.

This deters sellers rather than encouraging them. To sell worldwide start prices have to raised accordingly resulting in less sales in the UK and Europe. It is a no win situation for sellers I am afraid.