Monday, 7 February 2022

First day Covers


Do people still buy and collect first day covers?

 Chugging through eBay last week I find that there are tons for sale and the majority are not attracting any bids. The lots that do get bids are selling quite cheaply.

It makes me have food for thought as cover producers are still advertising their wares (be it the more modern issues). The cover below showing the latest Windsor postmark showing Machin definitives with datamatrix codes is offered for £25.00.  

I am not saying this is expensive, as the producers have to do a lot of work in creating the design and they still have to make a worthwhile profit. Saying this I for one would not buy it. I have been taken for a ride in the past with covers. After selling my collection for far less than it cost me to accumulate I vowed to myself I would not make the same mistake twice.

This is my personal view and I do not mean to disrespect anyone that does still buy, collect and produce them. After all we are are all different in our needs, wants and habits and it is still a free country. 

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White Knight said...

The problem with modern first day covers is that they are NOT first day covers. These manufactured covers are attractive but the stamps on them were usually not bought on the stated day of issue (the covers being prepared some time ahead) and were not posted or postmarked on the day of issue. Frequently special postmarks are applied to the covers which suggest that they have been posted in a location which does not even have a post office, the covers being cancelled at large centres frequently very long distances from the place named in the postmark. In short, such items are an expensive nonsense.