Friday, 6 May 2022

Stitched Booklets

 Over the past few months I have been very busy supplying collectors across the globe both privately and via auction sites with quality Machins. It was not until I went through my vast collection of cylinder blocks and booklets that I realised that I had literally tons of duplicates. Some of which are (were) quite rare or difficult to find. A few of them I had to re classify such as GA cylinder blocks with Jet phosphor, these were marked up simply a Gum Arabic.

Admittingly catalogues have got more detailed over the years so these issues were easily missed. The moral is,  everyone can miss identify or make mistakes. Some of these issues have been sitting around in stock books since the early 70s un noticed. I am now in the process of re examining all my early material. Machin Pre decimal booklets and 10p booklets. The Pre decimal and "post boxes and uniforms" are a challenge as a lot of the individual panes were added and issued in error. OCP instead of FCP, PVA gum instead of PVAD etc. 

I may even add a few more just to see if I can find some more. No doubt about it I am still a sucker for Machins. The image (lot) above was found on eBay so I just automatically put in a bid. Even if I do not win,  it is still a thrill of a chase all over again. 

Enjoy your stamps


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