Tuesday, 24 February 2009

British Stamp Market Values

In the words of Tommy Trinder "you lucky people", two posts today, the previous post was an added bonus. My I am getting old. Who remembers Tommy Trinder? Anyway as I said the previous post was an added bonus. This ( below) is what I originally had in store for you.

Repeating myself: (again)

On 13th January I wrote a short piece on Miniature sheets, in which I quoted some of the catalogue prices for these issues. Dave Feeney informed me that the prices which I quoted are not the true catalogue prices, but actual (market) selling prices. ".
Adding to this I should mention that I obtained my information from a well known dealer ( without advertising ) who sells packs and cards on the net at reasonable market value prices.

For further market prices this catalogue entitled British Stamp Market Values 2009 from the publishers of Stamp Magazine, has a comprehensive listing of every Great Britain issue from 1840 to date.

The prices listed inside relate to real values based on actual market activity, not catalogue prices.

More than 7,000 philatelic items are listed and priced, in over 230 pages which are in colour. One chapter deals with advice on how and where to buy your stamps. It also has a comprehensive watermarks guide.

This can be purchased from Dewalders of Salisbury England for £9.99, Postage UK costs extra at £1.50.


nnnnnn said...

Tommy Who.. oh dear I am showing my age.. yes I remember him :-)

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Machin Man said...

I once met him ( Tommy) at the Midland Hotel in Birmingham, we had a few drinks together and a few laughs. "A nice man" as Dame Edna would say.