Friday, 18 September 2009

2009 Prestige Book Machins

Roy has already covered the many new Machins in the 2009 prestige bookets here, here and here. Most of them are new because they are printed by lithography; earlier versions were printed by gravure.

There's some historical information about all this in an earlier post here.

If you would like to see a summary of all the new ones for the year, I just posted a new article on my web site here.



Ian - Norvic said...

on your website you wrote:

"Not only has Royal Mail issued four (!!!) prestige booklets (a record number that I hope, without much optimism, will not be repeated)..."

Remember, next year is an International Year, ie the 2010 Festival of Stamps takes place in London.

Although I can't provide any details, I can tell you that there will be FOUR in the first half of the year.

There may not be any in the latter half, but we do not have revised details of that yet. The programme contains two sets which could have PSBs, but I hope (with some optimism) common-sense will prevail!

GBStamps said...

Thanks for the information, Ian. I hope your optimism is well-founded.


Dennis said...

I actually like Prestige booklets. I wish the USPS did more (I thought Lewis and Clark was fantastic). They are a good way to provide more detailed knowledge on a historical stamp subject that people might not otherwise look for.

Some of the recent subjects (such as James Bond) aren't terribly important, but imagine if the USA had made a Presitege booklet for the Lincoln bicentennial.