Tuesday, 15 December 2009

2nd Machin Cast Sells At Auction

I recently informed readers of a remarkable find in the Machin world.

Early in November 2009 Managing Director & Head Auctioneer of Cuttlestones, Ben Gamble was presented with a large cast of the Queen's head for valuation. He recognised it instantly as one of the original casts originally crafted by the late sculptor Arnold Machin. What was more amazing to Ben this was the second such plaque Cuttlestones has been graced with selling.

In 2008, Cuttlestones were commissioned to sell the contents of Machin's family home, one of the lots included in the sale was of a similar relief mould carved by Machin in 1967, and which finally sold for over £15,000 to a London Institute.

Ben has recently wrote me with information on the realisation price of the second discovery. Described as "LOT 353: An Original Arnold Machin Plaster Rectangular Relief Cast 46cm x 41cm Excluding Frame "
It was auctioned in the Cuttlestones November 27th sale. The realisation price of this masterpeice ,attracting lots of interest was £18,000 plus premium.

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