Sunday, 22 February 2009

De La Rue Business Sheets

Certain items are now on sale on eBay-described as short phosphor bands. One in particular is this. £1.50 security self adhesive single, with short phosphor bands at top, clear of the perforations.

Please be careful when bidding on items like this, from the pic supplied this is clearly a perforation shift, not a genuine phosphor shift with short phosphor band top. The seller may be unaware that his description is misleading, we all make mistakes.

On 13th January I wrote a short piece on Miniature sheets, in which I quoted some of the catalogue prices for these issues. Dave Feeney informs me that "these prices which I quoted are not the true catalogue prices, but actual (market) selling prices. " Sorry for the mistake and Thanks Dave for the observation.

One good thing about having a Machin Blog is the fact that when Machin news arrives it can be shared quickly. If you have any news ( new issues or otherwise) please do not keep it to yourself, either leave a comment on site or e-mail my self or Larry who will post it here for you.

I am not saying that all information is vital, it just allows us to post updates more quickly for everyone to read.

Larry once wrote on site.

"We do like to hear from readers. If you have a suggestion for a topic, or a Machin-related question, please leave a comment here and we will respond as best we can. If you disagree with something I have said, please let me know (politely!). And if you agree, please let me know as well."

Here is a interesting e-mail from Douglas Myall with more news (unknown to me) regarding the proposed Business sheets due on 31st March. (Thanks Douglas)

"Hello Roy,

Just a quick comment re the latest update on your blog. The business sheets of security stamps available from 31 March are printed by De La Rue, not Walsall. I have this from a reliable official source."

Regards Douglas

Douglas Myall, author and publisher of the Deegam publications for Machin collectors, has established a web site at


Ian - Norvic said...

We reported on 26 Jan that the Business Sheets might be DLR but it is good to get confirmation, after what was quite confusing information from Royal Mail.

Ian - Norvic said...

Given that ALL the £1.50 values I have seen (from several sheets) are short of phosphor on the perfs tips, it wouldn't take much of a shift to make them look like short bands. See for details - most are slightly short one side or another (or more than one!)