Saturday, 29 May 2010

Machin News June 2010

Updated 3rd June 2010

Here is a preview of a first day cover showing the 3rd Machin / Olympic stamps Retail booklet. Due for release on 27th July 2010.

The 1st class special issues depict: Paralympic Rowing, and Paralympic Table tennis

Two more new booklets (Machin definitives) have been penciled in for release on 19 August 2010. According to Royal Mail these will be Retail booklets with printer's name removed. The booklets are said to be 12 x 2nd class and 6 x 1st class. No doubt with security code MA10

Ian Billings has confirmed this news (above) on his blog, he also announced that "the 1st class gold counter sheet (no source code) has now appeared at a certain post office counter with security code MA10." This also has a change to the the security slits.

Ian goes on to say "it has a printing date of 10/03/10 and on this new printing we now have nicks in the top and the bottom of the slit. This brings them into line with Walsall booklet printings."

Keep your eyes peeled for the second class counter sheets with the same changes, these will surely follow when new stocks are needed.

A couple of new printing dates for counter sheet security self adhesives have been reported:

1st class Large D1D1 / D1 - 24/03/09
2nd class Large D1D1 / D1 - 25/02/09

1st class D1D1 / D1 - 10/03/10

2nd class D1D1 /D1 - 09/03/09
1st recorded D1D1/ D1 - 16/10/09 -19/10/09
1st recorded Large D1D1 /D1 -21/10/09

£1.50 value D1D1 / D1 - 13/02/09

These have now been added to the master list of De La Rue self adhesives

£3.00 value D1D1 /D1 - 23/02/09 (this was reported in error) it appears we had already listed this date)

When I get the chance I will update the Dunstable-dates-and-cylinder-numbers (with conventional gum) this has not been updated for some time.

New values issued for the rate rise have now been added to the Dunstable list and a few new dates for earlier issues.

01p - D2D1 - 27/02/08 -28/02/08
05p - D2D2 -04/03/08
10p - D2D1 - 04/03/08 - 05/03/08 - 06/11/08
54p - D1D122/01/09 -29/01/09
60p - D1D121/01/10 - 22/01/10
67p - D1D122/01/10 - 23/01/10
88p - D1D123/01/10 - 25/01/10
90p - D1D125/01/10
£1 - D1D1 Ruby _ 18/03/08
£1.46p D1D1 - 26/01/10

More June news will be added here as we receive it.


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