Saturday, 29 May 2010

Links to Posts 401 - 500

Last week we reached a milestone in the fact that we surpassed the 500 mark in postings. Quite an achievement.

When we started this blog we had no idea it would be so well read. I bet with a bit of luck with the readers help we can add another 100 pages by the end of this year.

Here is the latest edition to the index Pages. This will join its counterparts number 1 -200, 201 - 300 and 301 - 400 in the left margin.

Start date for this series of links is 4 October 2009. Do not forget to read the comments left on site, this must amount to another 100 + posts in their own right.

1st Class Silver & Gold

A New Link Added

News Of Two More Machins In 2009

Litho v Gravure

Questions, Questions !

Recorded Delivery Machins

British Design Classics II Prestige Book

Olympic & Paralympic Games

Video posted to Youtube

A Second Machin Cast

Machin News December 09

Earlier Silver Machins

Recorded Delivery Machins

Enlarged, Engraved, Rotated

R S Prestige Pane & Cover

Walsall D1 D1 D1 D1 D1 ??

1st class gold with four security slits.

The Little Fairy

2nd Machin Cast Sells At Auction

Reprint of 12 x 1st-class - No Printers Imprint

Christmas Greetings

Are Machins Boring?

Secu - ripped

Got Any Small Change Guv?

Suspect Stamps

TCTC Notations

Design Classics II Prestige Book

Machin News January 2010

Cartor Continue To Use Garamond Numerals

Nothing To Do With Stamps

New London 2010 Postcard

April 2010, Price Rises

Spare a thought for the good old British Postie.

More On Price Increases

Festival Of Stamps Booklet

Private Machin Overprints

Booklet Classic Album Cover & A Bit of Snow

Royal Mail Jump On The eBay Band Wagon

A Bargain On eBay

Interesting Figure by Arnold Machin "Sea Horse"

Free Publications

Five International Stamp Booklets

Universal Stamps Continued

April Price Rise

Smilers Airmail Stamps

Airmail Machins (Clarification)

Do Not Waste Your Money

Volume 4 Continued (add to the debate)

Another Double Headed Machin

Special Coils for FDCs

Festival of Stamps - Prestige Stamp Book (01)

Machin News February 2010

Having Fun with Photoshop

The Royal Society prestige Booklet

Have De La Rue Mended The Errors Of Their Ways?

Recapping On Recent Errors

Spot The Difference

Anonymous wrote

Go Compare

Hints & Tips Double Check Your Kilo Ware

Changing Pace, Changing Face

Waiting For News

Ronsonol for removing self-adhesive Machins

Auction Fever

Blast From The Past

Festival of Stamps Prestige Book

Machin News March 2010

2010 Exhibition Machin Miniature Sheet

The Se -Tenant Pairs Story

The End of Make-Up Rate Machins

Revised Presentation Pack

Back To Normal

The Bookmark Journal

Machin News March 2010 Update

Britain Alone Machin Pane

20gr Airmail Stamps

Machin News April 2010

Welsh - Gold Machin Horizon Label?

New Coils of 500 & 1000

Machin Colour Trials

Jumelle Press Colour Trials Continued

MCC 2010 Specialised Machin Catalogue

Decimal Wildings

St George & The Dragon

1st Class Machin Mugs or What?

Machin News May 2010

What's in a name?

Phosphor Tags on Machin Miniature Sheet

A Few of The Latest Phosphor Errors

Codified 50p From SA Prestige Pane

Two More New Stamps Coded MA10


Inundated With Stamps In 2009

What A Difference A Nick Makes

London 2010 Inset Bands

The Fat Lady Has Not Sung Yet

A Different Kind of Machin Collection

Arnold Machin Tidbit

Another Machin Nutter

Hedgecoe's Photo of the Queen on eBay

More On Security Codes

2 Types of Europe and Worldwide 20gr Stamps

Machin Bust Is Grand Prix Prize

Quoting from the Looney tunes Cartoons " that's it folks" another 100 + posts listed . All for the Machin Nutters amusement. Do not forget to add your input, and hopefully with your help we can keep bringing you Machin News long in the future.

Many thanks to all, please keep the emails and comments coming.

Roy & Larry

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