Monday, 7 June 2010

More Enschedé Machins?

While I was in London, I attended a talk at the BPMA by Paul Eimers, a representative
of the Dutch printing firm Royal Joh. Enschedé (commonly known to collectors simply
as Enschedé, pronounced en-ske-day').

He was mostly there to talk about the reproduction of four George V stamp
designs on the souvenir sheet issued for the London 2010 Festival of Stamps.

I believe Enschedé is the only Royal Mail printer that still has the
capability to produce stamps by intaglio.

(Bottom line: the human engraver has been replaced by a designer, a
Computer Aided Design program, and a computer controlled laser.)

Of interest to Machin collectors was an off-hand comment he made that
Enschedé currently only prints the occasional special issue for Royal Mail.
However, he said that they are very close to becoming a more important
supplier of stamps.

I asked him about this after his talk. He said that Royal Mail has
competitive bidding for its contracts, and that they are very eager
to do more business with Royal Mail. He didn't mention Machins specifically,
but I have no doubt that would be at least part of what they would be
trying to get.

I've pictured a stamp with the identifier that Enschedé used in the good
old days when Royal Mail allowed its printers to identify themselves on
their products.


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