Saturday, 4 June 2011

Machins 101

I really need to visit Robin Harris' excellent Great Britain Machins web site more often. I have recommended it previously, as has Roy, and Robin keeps adding new features as well as keeping it up to date.

Recently he added a booklet called Simplifying the Machins (aka Machins 101). It is available at no cost, but donations are welcome. He offers it as a guide to sorting an accumulation of Machins, but it really is a guide to the series as a whole.

It is excellent for a collector new to Machins, or just as a concise and well-designed reference for us old-timers.

So, hurry on over and download a copy for yourself. And when you meet someone who is new to Machins or struggling a bit with some of the subtleties, pass it along.


PS While we are speaking of Machins for beginners, Adrian has a very nice post on his AKPhilately blog.

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