Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Here's A Machin Item You Can Afford - A Calendar

We've featured some nice items with a Machin design - a pillow, a rug - but many of these are beyond our budgets (at least, beyond my budget) for knickknacks, not even including shipping charges.

Recently a reader mentioned something to Roy that's right in my price range, and he asked me to mention it here. It's a 2014 calendar with beautiful Machins throughout. And, typically, it's a 16-month calendar, so you can use it as soon as you get it.

It's offered by PopartUK and you can find it on their site here. They also sell it on eBay, but it is less expensive if you order it direct.

AND if you order by October 31, you can get four for the price of three. That's what I did.



Ian - Norvic said...

These calendars are captioned 'official Royal Mail calendar' but are not yet available on the RM website.

I've asked my account manager if they will be available from Tallents House.

Ian - Norvic said...

I've now had it confirmed that these are only 'official' to the extent that the company are officially licensed to produce them with Royal Mail imagery.

They will not be on sale from Royal Mail outlets or their website.