Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Is Someone Telling Porkies ?

Information has cropped up that a new retail booklet containing 4 x Machins and 2 x  special issues from the (June) Fish set will be issued in August. I can honestly say that this news is a shock to everyone I know. 

As no information has been released to the trade (as yet) we are taking this with a pinch of salt. However I have heard that a miniature sheet for this issue is in the pipeline.

Ian Billings has reported that this information originally came from Linn,s Stamp News. They have also supplied an image

Watch this space as only time will tell if this is true.

Something I do know for definite !

On the 28th July a Prestige booklet commemorating the Great War (part 1) will be issued, what I do not know is if there will be a Machin pane among the leaves. Also on the 18th September a Retail booklet 6 x 1st class (announced) will be issued. The special issues will be part of the Classic Locomotives of Wales set.

As soon as more information is available on all these issues I will get back to you with an update.


Robert said...

The fish book was a late addition to this issue and the image of it was released on 13 May along with the other press images of the fish special issue. It will be issued on 18 August. As for the Great War psb, there will be two Machin panes - one with 4 country definitives (one for each country) plus 2 x 10p & 2 x 20p Machins, the other with just a £1.

Anonymous said...

I am told by Royal Mail there is no confirmed date for the fish booklet.
The £1 WWI pane is urrounded by 8 reproduction King George V 1d red stamps

John Embrey

Robert said...

This date was given by Royal Mail's product manager for the Fish issue.