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Index to Posts 201 - 300

My time doesnt fly when you are having fun. In fact it flys so fast, so much so it is now time to update the index pages.

This (index) will now extend to give another 100 pages with a short title to each. Another direct link will be added to the left hand side of the blog giving you easier access to subjects on site.

The Bookmark in our links column for the old site has now been replaced with the revised URL Dave Atrthur Machin Forum has moved

Back to the Future
A rather smelly tramp walked into Stanley Gibbons in London. The shop assistant asked "can I help you sir"

How would you like to learn all about the Machins from an expert Master the Machins

A reply from Pete The Pop Art Man

You will notice if you scroll down to the bottom of the page we have added a Readers Poll

Some interesting facts on the History of De La Rue.

A recent e mail from Tony Carter who inquired about Pricing in Proportion Stamps. PiP Spot the Differences

There are no prizes for guessing who the man is in this portrait Guess Who?

One of my jobs for today was to go through the auctions just to see if anything interesting hit me. Up for Auction also see A Glut of Machin Signed Covers

Stamps are separated by a vertical gutter into two half sheets of 200 ATN Sheets and Marginal Markings also see ATN Sheets and Marginal Markings - Part 2

Today I have added a new link. This is a blog written by Adrian on philately in general.

We Machin collectors have our own defino-memoratives

Here's a once-in-a-lifetime (actually, a once-only) event. Own your own genuine plaster cast of QE II by Arnold Machin

I welcome today as a new link from Machin Mania. Robin Harris & Adminware

A comment from the trustees of the Machin Arts Foundation

After our previous posts about marginal markings, Roy asked me about perhaps the most well-known ones Traffic Light Gutter Pairs Also see Stopping At The Trafic lights

Another stamp that was printed in single sheets of 25 (5 x 5) by the House of Questa in offset lithography. £10 Britannia Stamp ( Another Machin?)

I am going to join Larry and wear a dunces cap for a week I Am Not Insane, Just Stupid

A new poster to MachinMania, Welcome to Adrian and his views on Hong Kong Machins

Peter London writes in the comments department. A Diamond Machin

Machin Pane from the Military Uniforms - RAF Prestige Book also see R A F Uniforms Machin Pane

Dave Price e-mailed me with a question. "What is Phosphor Under Ink (PUI)

An email from Rosie Blackburn informing me that the lists contents of the Machin home which are up for auction are now online.

Further information on large PiP stamps from the Anniversary of the Machin Booklet An E-mail From Tony Carter

If you are a main stream collector and have a regular order for everything, then to date it has been A long year and Deep Pockets

Postage Rate Rise 2008

Valentines retail booklet that was issued on 15th January 2008.

An Answer To My Poser & Results of The Poll

Experimental Machin Labels, known as "fast stamps"

Machin Market Mania What with the credit crunch and the financial markets in such a mess I thought I might have a look at the stamp market for Autumn 2008.

One only has to read my last post to see that fine used stamps today are a good bet for the future. More on fine used

Some information on Prestige Errors

I have often been asked asked "what are my hobbies"? Which led to this post Making The Most Out of Machins also see Ironbridge and Machins

Wincor-Nixdorf Propostal machines have now been sucessfully put into operation Machin News October 2008 also see More Machin News

Many of you will have heard the name Micheal Dodd of CDDStamps Wanted Used GB Commemoratives

Stamp booklets that gave rise to Postman Pat & Jess back in the year 2000.

Recapping on the above post The Old and the New

a photo from Dave Feeney which he insists is the Hedgecoe portrait also see Hedgecoe, Interesting Replies

Even though the post is not about the actual stamps themselves I am sure that some of you will be interested in the content. Garmelow Manor also see Garmelow Continued

Artrepublic poster version, HM Queen Elizabeth II is wearing a gas mask: A Machin That Caused A Right Stink

Last week we discussed professor John Hedgecoe, Lord Snowdon and Arnold Machins parts in the design of the Machin Definitive. Enter Jeffery Matthews

This is an interesting post from Larry Linn's Editorial on Slit Stamps

Machin News Nov 08 and More Machin News also More Data on New Security Stamps

It's been more than 10 years since the National Postal Museum in London closed Swindon, Here We Come also see More from the BMPA

Regional Machin Symbols - Part 1 and the follow up Regional Machin Symbols - Part 2 and Regional Machin Symbols - Part 2A

Multi Value Coils are normally collected in strips of 4 or 5 values

High Values To Go High Security also see Security Stamps Continued and Another Thought On Security Machins

If you go back to 29th March 2007 I wrote about A railway engine with the name of Arnold Machin. This is a follow up The Arnold Machin Loco

Stamps and VAT Reduction

Thanks to John from Stamps of GB I now have pictures of the two Prestige panes mentioned on a earlier post these are: Design And Darwin Prestige Panes

A Birthday Message to Mr Machin Man himself. Douglas Myall: Happy Birthday Douglas

The cost of posting first and second class letters is to increase from 36p (1st class) by 3p to 39p and from 27p (2nd class) to 30p from April 2009: More On The 2009 Rates

The above image of the upcoming security Machin was sent to me by my friend David Alderfer. Here is an extract from a quote from Royal Mail about the new Security Stamps due to be issued in February. From The Horses Mouth more on slit stamps can be read here Machin News January 2009 and here Pics of the new Security Stamps

The old saying "that a change is as good as a rest " is very true, so today with just that we revert to a change of pace from new issues:

Last time I checked these are still on sale but I wrote this just in case 2009 Valentines Booklet A Retraction

Fesh News has recently been posted on the net Design Classics PSB and Darwin PSB

2009 may be a very expensive time for the Machin collector. Machin Self Adhesive Cylinder Blocks

Now this is what we call Machin Mania: Are You A Machin Maniac?

Spanish Label With Slit and More on S/A Cylinder Blocks

Machin Pane from the Darwin Prestige Booklet and The cover of the Charles Darwin Prestige Booklet also more news on British Design Classics

More news on security (slit) stampsin A Letter from Douglas Myall

Interesting Post on the Lasergravure Machin Head and an observation on the Postal Rate Increase Is HUGE!

More info from the BPMA that over 3,000 searchable postal history records via its website from 2 March 2009

Last but not least more info on The Connoisseur Catalogue Update

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