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Thanks to Larry and Dave Feeney for the suggestion of a list of the named links. I hope it helps to make the site more enjoyable to visitors.

Cyl numbers , Phos numbers, Paper and gum Byfleet and Dunstable Papers

I have recently had a lot of mail asking about the different papers/ gums originating from De La Rue and Byfleet Printings

We have all seen these label panes and I guess the majority of us have a selection of them in our collections Boots promotional Labels

As promised below, here is a list of Boots branded labels and unbranded labels Boots Label Overprints

The fist value on the new specification paper came to light ( 2p ) from a printing dated 22nd April 05 De La Rue and Dunstable Printings

At the time De La Rue (who held the contract) were unable to re-print the issue as they were in the middle of transferring plant and materials from Byfleet to the new factory at Dunstable Enschede Emergency Printing

Organisations overprinted labels to publicise philatelic events and stamp dealing / collecting associations. Boots Exhibition Overprints

Information on this topic has been somewhat ignored to date The Millennium Machin

Although these are housed in many collections, and are regularly seen for sale on eBay auction sites, they are illegal 24p Machin Forgery

A name that is synonymous with collectors of Machin stamps Douglas G.E Myall

Collectors and the Royal Mails Stamp advisory selection committee are looking ahead to the year 2007 and a Birthday Bash for the Machin

August 21st, the date when Royal Mail introduced the revision of the inland Mail Rate to reflect what we are now calling Pricing In Proportion

Something different today, but still on the Machin theme One Good Turn

In 1998 this design once again took the philatelic community by storm Decimal Wildings

In 1983 Royal Mail issued a series of counter booklets depicting Railway Engines as theme for the covers The Age of Steam

See my Christmas stamp designs. My wife says they are a spitting image of ME Seasons Greetings

Printed in Gravure by Harrison & Sons Ltd The Prestige Booklet The Steel Wheel

Introducing a nice cover that commemorates five events in one A Multiple Cover

Today I had the pleasure of spending a few hours in the company of Michael Dodd of CDD Stamps Sydney Australia Michael Dodd

I thought today ( for a nice change) I would promote a few websites Online Groups, Blogs and Websites

The easiest way of describing ellipses, is there are two basic types Elliptical perforations

Catalogued as a different stamp to the previous issue a space will be needed in all stamp albums Love Booklets

During November of 1990 a perforation error occurred on certain 1st class booklet Panes containing None Value Indicated stamps Oddities and Errors

If you sell online then this is one association I recommend that you join. Tools of the Trade

This is one of my favourite Machins Britannia Rules

Royal Mail are finally releasing the Wembly Miniature Sheet

This is a picture of an original Portrait Photograph The Edward Portrait

The last two posts as you are aware deviated from the Machin slightly. So for all you Machin Maniacs, today I will get back on track. Back to Machins

Although it is not a rare ( far from it ) stamp, prices in catalogues tend to reflect that it could be overpriced at £25 ( FINE USED ) - ( £55 UNMOUNTED MINT ) ½p Side Bar

Taking each in turn we can now describe the contents of the products for the 40th Anniversary

Due to the increase five new Machins were issued on 27th March Postal Rates April 07

These were supplied to retailers by the Royal Mail to display on shop counters in place of normal booklets Sample Booklets

Your chance to obtain some quality Machin Stamp books at quality prices, Alternative GB

The only Millennium Machin definitive Prestige Pane that was printed by the House of Questa Millennium Machin Variety

This certainly makes non-Machin collectors understand why they are a fun series to work on 400 Machins on one Page

There are several 10p value Machins catalogued, but the variety SG X886 bi coloured 10p Greyish - Orange - Brown (Type 11) is a A Difficult Single

Ultra Violet Lamps are an essential piece of equipment for serious philatelists Detecting Phosphors

This information has been taken from text originally written on my website. Phosphor Bands

I often refer to an old saying of mine Keep em Peeled

An article I wrote for the IPDA news page which may give you some information on Building a Website

Some multi value coils were provided by Royal Mail for special customers Coils on Cover

Examples of what to collect and what not to collect Quality or Quantity

Due to shortages of the original papers the printers used their own paper High Values

Printed by Walsall Security Printers, this is an interesting exhibition piece Rare Machins

There is no easy way to describe these issues in layman's terms Sorting High Values

During the late nineteen eighties (1987) Royal Mail experimented with with the way in which some of their bar code booklets were manufactured Straight Edges on Machins

Its still early days, but you may be interested to know I am adding a few new pages to my website Prestige Booklets

For this new rise several new stamps are needed New Machins

Recently collectors have given these a change of name to that of "Generic Sheets" Smile For The Camera

Deeper background information on the other GB issues Catalogues Gibbons Concise

On checking the catalogue value of Year packs I was very surprised to see they are going up in value

This is the first time I have come across an item like this in 30 years of collecting Machins A Long Multi Value Coil
Most of what is issued by Royal Mail is just confetti. but on occasion there are the odd bargains. Stamps for Investment

I think this is NOW the greatest stamp study association for collectors of GB The Modern British Philatelic Circle

Owned by the J D Wetherspoons chain, near Stoke on Trent is A Pub Called Arnold Machin

The British Postal Museum ( BPMA) planned a major exhibition to explore the development of this iconic design Machin Exhibition

Well would you believe it? First we discover a Pub with the name of Arnold Machin and now I find that there is a Locomotive with the same name Do Machins Make You Loco

It seems my information was right, this stamp will become a sleeper in due course Machin News

You will notice these ½p stamps are overprinted with the green line in different positions Doctor Blade Flaws

One subject I have not touched upon on this blog to date is that Regional Machins

Its true, but not along the same lines as the £2.00 genuine error from De La Rue Another Missing Pound Sign?

First class commemorating an early 4d Machin from1967. Machin Special Issue

Due to the 40th anniversary of the Machin there is an upward interest in the 4d Pre decimal Sepia. Sleeping auty

In an email from Brian Horton, I am asked "I have heard that various Machins exist with Notched Phosphor Bands

Looking back through some of my old posts I did say I would show some pictures of Label Overprints (part 2)

If you have browsed my website you will have come across a section entitled Alternative GB The Downey head

Although these were printed in 1973 and were mentioned in some early catalogues they did not gain a permanent catalogue status in the Connoisseur until August 1995 JET Phosphors

More good news for Machin enthusiasts, and a bit of advertising Another Anniversary Book

Another web site with a subtitle called Machin Mania Larry Rosenblum & GB Stamps
The MCC is to issue a new catalogue The MCC Catalogue

This is another closed chapter in the Machin series and there for should not be to difficult to complete, Submarines & Self Adhesives

Not a Machin Post, but I do occasionally (to add a bit of spice) veer from the subject if I think it will be of interest collectors. Lest You Forget

What seems to interest collectors more than the new layout of the margins is the reprint of the 46 46p Printed in Error ?

Alan Jones (Sunderland,UK) asks "can I can use (copy) some of the information from this blog" Copyright ?

This is information re produced from my web site. Printers of Machin Material

Larry Matthews wrote do any members keep the colonial or commonwealth stationery items with the "Machin" head design?"Postal Stationary and The Machin

It seems as though that there was no real need of a new definitive for normal first and second class mail Ins and Outs of Modern Machins

Proud to be English, I can not ignore the date to day without a mention of St. George & The Dragon

Every one knows Arnold Machin created the bust that the famous stamps came from. What is not generally known is the involvement of top photographer Professor Hedgecoe and The Machin

When I started this blog is was my intention to pass on some hints and tips Black Marker Bars

A few weeks ago I announced that I was updating my website with images and information on Prestige Booklets (part 2)

As a member myself and fellow director I do believe it is a worthwhile organization to belong to The IPDA Comes Of Age

In a previous post I promised you that there were other Anniversary items in the pipeline Retail Anniversay Booklets & The Ruby Machin

This email was sent to me by Ian Billings, in reply to the conundrum of the reproduced cylinders numbers New De La Rue Cylinders (The Answer?)

The Price of this publication is well within the means of most collectors pockets: Introduction to the Stamps of Great Britain

A handy tip I picked up in my early Machin collecting days was how to convert a short wave lamp into a long wave Hints & Tips The Long and the Short of It

This is a short lowdown on the achievements of Jeffrey Mathews Stamp Designer

I do have a couple of negatives, but this is just me being picky. A Review The MCC Catalogue

There are many loupes on the market. I myself I have two that magnify and measure with accuracy. Hints & Tips Measure the Width

Now this is an unusual Machin that is a mock-up from (of) an original stamp. Stamp Addicts

Here is a just a bit of trivia for you. Did you know self adhesives were also issued originally by Sierra Leone as a trial. An account on these stamps You Cant lick EM

I have seen Royal Mail issues sold early in the past, but never 3 weeks in advance. Machins Made Early

Whilst surfing the net I came across a nice piece giving an account where Jeffery actually gave an interview to Larry Rosenblum and David Alderfer More on Matthews

I promised a write up on miscuts, sorry you have had to wait Hints & Tips Miscut Booklets

Not a rarity or unusual, in fact its the opposite, quite a common stamp Government Overprints

Look out for unusual pointed like corner perforations which are classed as an error Dagger perfs

Are Machins on the way out and being gradually replaced with these trivia type definitives Royal Mail are Driving us Potty

During the period of 1979, the 8p Machin stamps which were used for 2nd class inland mail up to 20 gr were needed in vast quantities which led to the first Enschede Printings

Machin news submitted in a form of Machin Trivia, Did you Know
The headlines as of 30th May 2007 Machin news

The latest products ( but probably not the last in 2007) Machin Medallion & Pin

Better Late than never as they say, suggestion from Larry." You have put many helpful identification hints in the blog. An index to these would be good so that readers can see what is available." Comments, Links & Musings

Just days before his death, Machin was interviewed for Royal Mail’s website, where he spoke about the anniversary and his enthusiasm for the Machin Arts Foundation Francis Machin

Generic Sheets are designed and issued along with the stamp program by Royal Mail to compliment every set of stamps Generic V Smilers

The event of the year is the 40th Anniversary Machins, Happy Birthday

Readers respond to this question and let me know what they considered to be their all time favourite Whats Your Favourite Machin?

Collectors of Machins are worldwide, here is a post reproduced from The USA publication Scotts Article on the Machin

A nice find for one lucky collector. An Anniversary Prestige Stamp book with 5 panes of stamps instead of 4! Free Stamps from The Royal Mail

This man earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most prominent and prolific stamp engraver." Czeslaw Slania

Many thanks to all that replied to the questionnaire. Your answers were varied Your Favourite Machins (Replies)

Gratitude for this post goes to Ian Billings Machin news

The 3 Kings Miniature sheet is mentioned and indications were that a Machin Quiz would be welcomed Machin Quiz we also have Machin Quiz A follow Up and Machin Quiz (Answers), finally we anounce the Machin Quiz Winners

It was a surprise to me that the majority of contestants that entered the Machin Quiz were stumped by question number 8 and 8A. This referred to The bank of England Commemorative Pane. Label Booklets

All the blocks sold, thanks to all that bid on these stamps Enschede Cylinder Blocks

Another one of my favourites. These retail booklets ( issue date 21/03/2000 ) were also available to the public as an unfolded pane. Postman Pat

Royal Mail have now announced details of the next Prestige Stamp Book. British Army Prestige Booklet

A dilemma with the catalogue nubers of Worldwide Airmail Machins

While I was going through some stamps yesterday I came across this block of 20 + labels or as some may describe it) Chambon Strips

Thanks to Larry Rosenblum I now have this complete article in pdf format. Scott Monthly Machin Article (02)

Alan Rice wrote me last week and asked "If I had any information on recent Date Blocks

Recent presentation packs are only found with plain white die-cut backing (as punched-out singles) Machin News
This is an observation by reader David De Paulie You Learn Something New Every Day
These stamps are usually offered as singles or small multiple blocks, it is not often one sees them for sale in cylinder block form. Post Office Training Stamps

This was a first for this type of Prestige booklet and their contents. It was the first of three to include Regional Machin stamps. The Scots Connection & A move Overseas

Opening on 19th July 2007 it ran until the 15th August 2007. Machin Exhibition

Regular readers will be pleased to know that Larry , who has his own Machin Mania website (more about this later) has agreed to continue with this blog and post here once per week whilst I am offline. Larry Rosenblum GB Stamps USA

Larry Rosenblum makes a splash by introducing himself to readers. Hello From Larry

Ian Billings has posted news of another Prestige Stamp Book Error - this time it's the Machin pane, and lots of them! Prestige Errors

The Machin forum created on June 7th this year is a welcome addition to our mists, Machin forum Hits The Web

I, too, wish Royal Mail would go back to a more restrained stamp issuing policy. It's not going to happen. At least not soon.To Many Stamps

I just have to post this image. It is so clear that it is just like looking at the original plaster cast. (Roys) The Last Post

When I learned that there would be a new ruby-colored Machin to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Machin design, I immediately thought of Dion's 1963 hit song, Ruby Baby

The front of a post card promoting The British Postal Museum's exhibition entitled Timeless & Classic: Elizabeth Queen and Icon. Another Machin Image with a Difference
It's pretty amazing that Royal Mail missed another one that they could celebrate. Just a few days ago, August 4th was the 20th anniversary of window booklets. The Anniversary That Royal Mail Missed
The Machin Collectors Club has jumped into the fray and launched an internet auction site just for stamp collectors. The MCC Launches Stampmart

For the past several years, panes containing Machins were printed by gravure, so this will create new Machin varieties for specialist collectors. All Prestige Books To Go Litho

I think it’s fair to guess that the advance orders totaled a minimum of £2 million, and there will be more sales over the next 12 months. Harry Potter Bonanza

A question for us collectors is exactly what role Hedgecoe played. Unfortunately, this question is not likely ever to be answered with certainty.The Hedgecoe Mystery

The equivelent to messing about on the river, Fun Wikipedia and Google

Royal Mail has given the credit "Designed by J. Matthews based on a portrait by A. Machin" or something like that. Matthews Mania

A great post which gets to grips with the changing face of NVIs Are You Confused?

I don't usually promote individual stamp dealers, but I'm making an exception in this case for two reasons. Unusual Machins

Now, I hear you asking how there could be a diamond-colored Machin because diamonds are colorless, or at least white. Machin For The Diamond Wedding of HM?

Back in 1985, an organization called the Association of Friends of the National Postal Museum was formed. It was a voluteer group that supported the museum and provided some benefits for its members. Become A Freind Of The BPMA

The Connoisseur Catalogue has announced that it is going online.Connoisseur Goes Online

The Connoisseur is published by a dealer, B. Alan, Ltd. B. Alan also published a new issue bulletin called "Variety Club News" (fondly known as VCN) More on Connosseur

The bottom line - if you are serious about Machins, scrimp, save, cut corners, do whatever you have to, and get the Deegam. A Note on Catalogs

These have caused a bit of a stir since they first appeared a few months ago. The double Zero Machin
Since 2004, Royal Mail has increased postal rates (or tariffs) annually during the first week of April. It will be no different in 2008. Like Clockwork

The Machins can also teach you some things that you don't commonly see. One of those is Underprints Too

This Machin appeared on January 8 in the James Bond prestige booklet. The first-class gold Machin in one of the panes has been printed by lithography for the first time.The James Bond Litho

The Machin Forum, started by Dave Arthur last May, was the site of many good Machin discussions, we are pleased to announce its back. Machin Forum Returns

Royal Mail has announced new postal rates to take effect on April 7. The basic first-class rate increases 2p to 36p, but the second-class rate has a much larger (on a percentage basis) increase, a 3p jump to 27p. New rates, New Machins

He's very well trained and immediately answers to his nickname ... Arnold. If It Walks Like A Duck

A story in its self the development of Machins and the ATN printing Machine ATN Machins

The 9p orange Machin was returned to general circulation for use as a make-up rate stamp with the new rates taking effect on April 7 The Reincarnated 9p

Brilliant article from Larry, why not take A Closer Lokk At The James Bond Litho

At long last Mr Myall has developed a website, more Machin news online cant be a bad thing can it? The New Deegam Website

A post from Larry which will help you identify those, dull, intermediate and bright papers and much more ATN Papers

One way to add new stamps to ones collection Thank You MBPC

A quick helo from Roy afer 10 months in the wilderness without a computer Nice To Be Back & Thank You to Larry

Back to the days when the pre decimal Machin made its debut Back To The Beginning

Replying to a question re: the breakdown of a 10p chambon sheet A Question From Annon ON The Chambon

A stamp exhibition sheet from Harrison and Sons, distributed at the London 1980 international stamp exhibition. Machin Exhibition Sheet

Make our day and inform us of what you think of the posts in general. Replying To Posts

A tongue in cheek look at NVIs and their propective values today after 20 years Indefinate rate Stamps, For Fun Or Profit?

Shame about this one, a flashing Machin gif image that unfortuately did not work on this site Changing Face of A Machin

The £1 Stamps for cooks booklet known as a sponsored booklet but arguably and according to some catalogue compilers the very first Machin Prestige Booklet Now We Are Cooking

A review from Larry describing the Connoisseur Catalogue web site. Connosseur Chapters Now Live

An extract from the ABPS News which is the official magazine of the Association of British Philatelic Societies. Concise, Not So Concise

A short account describing the Castles of the Kingdom miniature sheet and Pre decimal Wilding High Values
A list of completed pages to date ( named links). I hope it helps to make the site more enjoyable to visitors. Lets Play Catch Up
Now, just about a year after it started, StampMart is being closed. MCC Stampmart Closes
Allan Oliver has offered to follow this up with a more detailed post on Machin Training Stamps Post Office Training Stamps (2)
First issued 28 Jul 1992, Printed by Walsall Security Printers Ltd, Contents 2 x 39p amethyst Cornflakes for Breakfast
I read this from Biker R-I and thought you might find it of interest Royal Mail Site Gives More Information
Country Definitives 29 September 2008. To mark the 50th Anniversary of the Country ( Regional ) Definitives a Prestige booklet will be produced
It was some time ago that I promised some people I would write about my move to Spain. Casa Machin
We have a preliminary total of roughly 25 issues FOR 2009 Machin News & Royal Mails 2009 Stamp Issues
Greetings Retail Booklet, issued on 13 May 2008. Self Adhesives You Just Want To Lick
Due to complaints from collectors. Three (different) poppy 1st class stamps from 2006 - 2008 will be issued
se-tenant in normal sheets.
When De La Rue stamps first started to be printed on the ATN press at Byfleet ( now Dunstable) there was a lot of confusion amongst collectors to what actually qualified as genuine inset phosphor bars
In my last post, "Phosphor Shifts" we mentioned Douglas Myall and his award winning publication The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook.
Peter Mason, aged 64, spent eight working days and used more than 3,000 stamps to create the 3ft by 3ft pixellated portrait of the former South African president Nelson Mandela
Post Office Training School stamps: (Part 3) more information has been requested in relation to the Machin stamps of Great Britain.
Looking for stamps for investment? Look for Castle High Values 1997 Enschedé Printing
Robert Bostock invites you to visit the Walsall Security Print web site
Post Office Training School stampsPart 4 – Into the Machins
Looking through some stamps this morning I came across a booklet of 12 x 1st class gold which are described as forgeries
It has been sometime since anyone added information to this list, in fact as I have been offline I do not remember the date when it was last updated: De La Rue Cylinders And Dates
Back in December 2007 Lary reported these 00p Machins were steadily appearing on the Philatelic Market, here is some more news
This was one of the booklets from a parcel which I thought was quite colourful: What A Carry On
Whilst browsing eBay today I came across this unusual lot. It has 5 days to finish and to date has no bids on it. Arnold Machin Signed Cover
A follow up from Larry describing a Arnold Machin signed card
200 Posts And Counting This is, believe it or not the two hundredth post on this blog.

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